Giulio Paz

Design & Technology

Giulio Paz is a brand epitome of style, elegance and innovation; my knowledge and creativity has been linked in recent years to several companies with whom I have created a lean and fast network, a mix of high level professionalism to create special projects.

My style

The guidelines of my design are essentiality and functionality,
always looking for innovation, but keeping beauty as main purpose.

Together with specialized companies as Pro-Lite, for carbon fiber processing, and Bonamici Racing, for the machining, we are able to provide a complete service for the development of a prototype, from paper, to reality, up to production of small series. We have also valuable partnerships within University and with the competitions world.

Invest with us

We are focused on extremely innovative and ambitious projects in design and technology. We are looking for people interested in working with us to increase the possibilities for development and create unique objects in the world, with the strength to go in the future more than anyone else.

If you are a distributor or investor, or if you can provide us useful services to achieve these goals, please contact us.